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Zigong Salt Industry History

Zigong Geopark, located in Zigong City of Sichuan Province which enjoys the reputation of “Salt City for Millennium”, “Home of Dinosaurs” and “Southern City of Light”.

About 250 million years ago(late Paleozoic-early Mesozoic), the Geopark completed the conversion from sea to land, with the residual salt water basin transformed to the salt deposit; the on-going geological tectonism leads to the formation of basins with plains, rivers, lakes and marshes. Since about 100 million years ago (middle Jurassic- late Jurassic), dinosaurs and other creatures had flourished, so fossil groups of dinosaurs and siliceous woods were formed under proper conditions.Since the 1st century A.D., ancestors who lived here created brilliant civilization for salt industry by exploiting salt deposits formed by paleo-ocean.

The harmony among unique and rich dinosaur fossils, world-known well salt culture, long-history cultural heritage and advantaged ecological environment records changes of the Geopark area from ancient times to modern times, displaying spectacular, magical and magnificent scenery.


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